San Diego Yacht Weekend Getaways

A weekend getaway cruise is relaxing, fun, and exciting and, what's even better, it doesn't use up your well-earned vacation days. It's also a great opportunity to experience cruising if you haven't had this unique experience before. Enjoy the wide range of activities San Diego Bay Cruises offers on a weekend getaway, such as onboard activities, exciting nightlife, as well as casual and gourmet dining!

Perhaps the greatest thing about weekend getaway cruises is that they have something for everyone in store. You can have a romantic weekend away, family time with your kids, a girls' or guys' weekend out, a birthday celebration, or cruising just to have fun and unwind. Whatever your reason is, cruising on a luxurious yacht is a truly awesome way to get away, leave the stress behind, and have some fun.

Sail the Pacific while admiring the scenic San Diego skyline

If you're looking for a vacation that has a little bit of everything, a weekend getaway cruise is, without a doubt, the perfect choice. Those who prefer to be busy have the opportunity to do so, whereas people who just want to relax can enjoy their cruise just as much. Cruising offers plenty of unique experiences that you simply won't find on land.

Relish the perfect moment on San Diego Bay! Surrounded by breathtaking views, luxury comforts, and a relaxing breeze, our weekend getaway cruises put you at the center of it all. The sights and sounds inspire adventure, relaxation, and even romance. Our core mission is to celebrate every single moment we can in America's Finest City.

Have a stress-free, unique experience on our lavish yachts

Are you still unsure about whether you should go on a weekend getaway cruise? Here are a few reasons why this may be an inspired choice:

  • a weekend cruise limits the time you need to take off from work
  • weekend yacht cruises are often less expensive
  • you can drive to your port of call
  • weekend cruises are excellent for first-time cruise passengers