San Diego Yacht Weddings & Receptions & Rehearsal Dinners

Everybody wants their wedding to be as memorable as possible. Here at San Diego Bay Cruises, we share the same feeling as you and your significant other, that's why we decided to offer the prestigious option to hold your wedding on one of our yachts. We have a rich history when it comes to organizing weddings on our yachts so we are more than prepared to offer you the best in terms of the most important day of your lives.

A scenery that you won't forget soon

The San Diego Bay area is home to many wonderful sights that can be captured along with your wedding. From the breathtaking Coronado Bridge to San Diego's city skyline, there are many other amazing backdrops along the way that will serve as the perfect fairy tale environment that you are looking for such as the Maritime Museum ships, the Hotel Del Coronado, the USS Midway and the Kiss Statue. Just think about sightseeing the maritime wildlife, the sky-blue waters, and having dolphins swim around in the waters. If this does not sound like the perfect memory for your everlasting love story I don't know what does.

Talking about options

You were thinking about receptions and rehearsal dinners? We got you. We are not only offering the option for you to have your wedding on our yachts but also the option to have receptions and rehearsal dinners with us. From catering to photography to music, we can guide you and help you with every step of this important process. Whether you plan a wedding together with only your loved ones or you decide to host a mega wedding, our yachts can accommodate the appropriate amount of guests for any occasion, up to 1,000 people. Just decide upon the number of guests that you are comfortable with and we will guide you further in choosing one of our yachts available.