San Diego Yacht Exclusive Private Cruises

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Soak in the sun in style during an exclusive private cruise with San Diego Bay Cruises

An exclusive private cruise is all about you and your guests. This means that you have the entire yacht to yourself, and you can enjoy all of the amenities that it has to offer.

At San Diego Bay Cruises we pride ourselves in exceeding your expectations. We emphasize freedom and flexibility and we promise to deliver the definitive custom yacht charter experience. Enjoy an exclusive private cruise on a luxury yacht with a local captain who will show you the best of the area, including the most impressive scenic views, and beautiful bays to stop for a swim off the boat.

We can provide lunch on board the yacht or on a secluded beach for a unique experience. Arrangements can also be made to drop you off, pick you up, or wait while you eat, at any one of the fabulous dining spots located around San Diego or Mission Bay.

San Diego Bay Cruises has a lot of adventurers to offer

We can design an exciting exclusive private cruise beyond what is covered on this page. All you have to do is ask and we can guide you with the budget, type of yacht, number of guests, and onboard facilities. You are in complete control of the voyage, including special requests for cuisine, beverages, onboard entertainment, and more. We will consider everything from your preferred ambiance to onboard activities and shore-side excursions.

Regardless of how long your exclusive private cruise lasts or where it takes you, your time aboard our luxury yachts is always special.