San Diego Yacht Film & TV Production

Looking for the perfect vessel for your nautical scene? Do you have a great vision for your upcoming film? San Diego Bay Cruises will provide you with a gorgeous, spacious, and unique yacht that will satisfy your requests. We have significant experience with documentaries, TV shows, photo shoots, wildlife films, commercials, and feature films. If your next film demands stunning visuals, we have everything you need to tell compelling and mesmerizing stories. Nature gave us the tempestuous Pacific Ocean, and we can help you harness it.

We know that location is a key element when shooting a commercial or film. Our lavish vessels offer many interior and exterior shooting locations, but also the backdrop of yachts required for maritime shooting. At San Diego Bay Cruises, we're aware of how challenging filming at sea can be, and for this reason, we're prepared to simplify matters and help you scout locations.

Our goal is to foster commercial filming and help you produce high-quality content

San Diego Bay Cruises will help you find excellent locations for photography and filmmaking if you're looking for shots of yachts, boats, marinas, and everything in between. We're bound to keep your equipment in pristine condition. Our yachts, which vary in size and style, are the ideal setting for filming on the water. We have a lot of dock space, which means filmmakers and photographers will never lack space to moor all necessary production boats. Our docks have more than enough space for a robust film crew and are perfect for:

  • filmmaking
  • photoshoots
  • TV commercials
  • documentaries

San Diego Bay Cruises has the perfect backdrop that will complete your shoot

As Southern California's nautical experts, we can help you get the visuals you're looking for. Do you need a unique shot of the coast, a pier, or a city highlight? We offer film and photo shoots on luxury yachts with breathtaking views, deep-sea scenes, wildlife spotting, and action shoots. Live action and still footage from our impressive yachts can be seen worldwide on numerous mediums. TV shows, music videos, news programs, commercials, films, magazine shoots, advertisements, blogs, and vlogs are all happy partners who can get high-quality footage.