San Diego Yacht Dolphin & Whale Watching

Undoubtedly, San Diego is one of the best locations in the world for dolphin adventures and whale watching. As we cruise, you'll see up-close views of the bay's wildlife, as well as iconic landmarks from a new perspective. Our staff can provide live narration and fascinating details about the sea life and landmarks we pass for a truly memorable experience. You'll be able to see blue whales, humpbacks, fin whales, gray whales, and, of course, many dolphin species!

San Diego is the perfect destination for viewing marine wildlife. During whale watching season, over 20,000 gray whales migrate along our coast. For the thrill of a lifetime, we invite you to cruise alongside these mesmerizing whales in their natural environment, guided by the most experienced whale-watching fleet. You'll have many opportunities to capture all the amazing sights in photos and videos that you can share with your family and friends.

Have a once-in-a-lifetime whale-watching experience

Come out with San Diego Bay Cruises for a fun, awe-inspiring dolphin and whale-watching adventure in America's Finest City! Our yacht cruises are great for families, couples, private parties, corporate events, and anyone who loves the wildlife we may encounter. You'll speed out to sea on one of our comfortable yachts and pass barking sea lions and pods of leaping dolphins as you look for the legendary blue whales - the largest mammals on Earth. These are just some of the features of our dolphin and whale-watching cruises:

  • onboard narration by marine life specialists
  • spectacular views of whales, sea lions, dolphins, and marine birds
  • comfortable seating indoors or outdoors
  • food, beverage, and cocktail service

Witness the magical spectacle of dolphins in the pristine waters of San Diego

Experience the beauty of San Diego's marine life, breathtaking views, and the diverse animals that inhabit our waters all year round. Getting close to nature is a great way to learn something new, and our naturalists will share cool facts about our oceans and local wildlife on every tour. This is no ordinary whale-watching trip! With San Diego Bay Cruises, you can say goodbye to the crowds and welcome a smaller, more intimate experience where everyone has a front-row seat.