San Diego Yacht Dock & Dine

With over 60 waterfront restaurants, San Diego Bay already offers a picturesque, unique dining experience. However, for a memorable experience, we encourage you to come along with us on a dock-and-dine yacht cruise and leave the worry of finding a parking spot at home. Finding a restaurant with a nice waterfront view is hardly a challenge in San Diego Bay. You can enjoy breathtaking views at local eateries serving everything from casual fish sandwiches to farm-to-table French dishes.

For the ultimate experience in waterfront dining, arriving by car won't do. That's why many restaurants in the area offer dock and dine. If you're visiting San Diego Bay, dock and dining experiences can be a great way to sample the local cuisine. Not only is it fun to arrive at a restaurant by the water, but it's also going to be an evening of fantastic dining with some of the freshest seafood in the city.

Gorgeous water views, cool ocean breeze, friendly service, and amazing flavors

Make dining out a delicious adventure with San Diego Bay Cruises! We'll help you navigate to your favorite restaurants and enjoy dockside dining at its finest. You can dock at the marina to dine and sit on the deck, as well as inside the dining room. Even better, you can eat while exploring the harbor. Some restaurants can also prepare fine cuisine to go. Here are some of the greatest dock and dining places in San Diego Bay, which our experienced captains will gladly take you to:

  • Point Loma Marina
  • Shelter Island Pier
  • Coronado Ferry Landing
  • Glorietta Bay Park

San Diego Bay, a lovely place to drop anchor and have a bite to eat

If you're looking for a tranquil dining experience, we can sail to the south of San Diego Bay, which is a much quieter area. There is usually less traffic, and it's sometimes easier to find a place to dock and dine. Crown Landing and Waterfront Grill are two of the best restaurants there. With diverse cuisine and a relaxing ambiance, San Diego Bay offers the perfect dock and dine experience, whether you come on our yachts as a couple or as a family.