San Diego Yacht Corporate Group Events & Team Building

At San Diego Bay Cruises we understand your need to make everything just PERFECT and PROFESSIONAL. So you came to the right place. We know how much the first impression means to you, so let us help you organize a fantastic event that everybody will talk about with admiration.

If you want to organize an event where you want to amaze your clients or where you want to surprise your employees with team building, know that you are at the right place. We charter a variety of yachts that can host up to 1200 guests. You don't have to do anything other than invite everyone to this event and let us delight you with a wide variety of food and drinks.

Besides the unforgettable views, our yachts can become a shelter for meaningful connections and strengthen relationships within your organization. You will be the leader that the employees will appreciate even more.

Chartering a yacht is versatile, and the perfect venue for:

  • Hosting a fun and engaging corporate team-building event with a sailing day that will teach your employees the value of teamwork and problem-solving on the fly
  • Having a fun day on the ocean as a great incentive for your top performers
  • Encouraging teamwork and a healthy sense of competition with a regatta
  • Awarding your employees during a special company ceremony
  • Creating a fun and relaxing team bonding activity with a company picnic or barbecue
  • A productive yet entertaining company-wide meeting or conference that you don't want to host in a boring hotel
  • Throwing festive holiday parties or company-sponsored parties in general
  • Impressing your clients with a fully catered dinner aboard a luxury boat
  • An unforgettable networking event with the San Diego Bay as the backdrop
  • Arranging a unique Happy Hour to boost company morale

...And so much more! If you're having trouble thinking of the perfect company group event for your next outing, contact us for a fun day out on the sea!

Take your event to the highest level

We pride ourselves in our commitment to excellence and our ability to exceed the highest standards that at the end of the day will bring you joy and satisfaction.

Do not worry about the spouses that come with you to the conventions organized in San Diego. Our team will make sure that they have a great time, offering entertaining programs on our charter yachts.

Entertainment for corporate spouses and families

With 16 different vessels to choose from, with some that can accommodate up to 1200 guests, your employees will have no trouble bringing their spouses and families along for a fun corporate event.

Our yachts and professional crew have experience hosting dinners, gala nights, parties, and other social events that spouses and partners would love to attend.

Hosting employees and their families for a corporate family day? We have plenty of family-friendly ideas that can be organized onsite such as themed parties, picnics, barbecues, historic/landmark water tours, and even whale and dolphin-watching and wildlife seafaris that both kids and adults alike will enjoy.

Don't worry if your employees are busy attending a conference or other corporate event, our team has experience providing entertainment for spouses and children during business hours.

Do you want to be the best leader around here? Do not settle for the ordinary and let San Diego Bay Cruises organize you the best corporate event which will pleasantly surprise even the most difficult person to satisfy.