San Diego Yacht Breakfast / Brunch / Lunch / Dinner Cruises

Whether you're visiting San Diego or live in the city, a breakfast cruise is one of the best things to do in the area when it comes to sightseeing. Step aboard our luxury yachts and let the views of the city take your breath away! San Diego Bay, which is a unique place in the world, will look even more pleasing to your eyes in the morning, with the sun smiling at you from the sky. Graze on fresh produce and pastries while cruising the picturesque bay on your private lavish yacht!

Enjoy a different kind of dining experience on our lavish yachts

Set sail for the ultimate dining cruise and cocktail adventure on the waterways of San Diego Bay. Take in the spectacular views while enjoying a fresh, delicious meal aboard our sumptuous yachts. Whether you're a beer drinker or wine lover, or cocktails are more your style, you can find anything you want on our dinner cruises. If you're indecisive, here are just some of the reasons why you should choose San Diego Bay Cruises:

  • start your day in a tranquil ambiance with our breakfast cruise
  • relax and enjoy tasty food on our brunch cruise
  • spend quality time with your loved ones on our lunch cruise
  • have a fine dining experience in the evening on our dinner cruise

Embark on a memorable culinary journey and indulge in fine dining

San Diego Bay Cruises invites you to come aboard for the ultimate weekend brunch experience. Admire the stunning city skyline as you sip endless mimosas! We also organize lunch cruises, where you will benefit from unmatched service, have the chance to enjoy exquisite views, and savor a delicious meal aboard our spacious and comfortable yachts. You can also go on a dinner cruise with us, as we offer a fine dining experience with some of the best waterfront views in San Diego Bay, from brilliant vistas to starlit evenings.