San Diego Yacht Bachelorette Parties

Do you feel the butterflies in your stomach as your Big Day is coming? Take a glass in your hand and enjoy the last sail before the veil on an epic bachelorette party on one of our yacht charters. Our expert team will take care of the food and drink as well, if that's what you'd like. So, no worries. We are well prepared and happy to assist you with any requests that are possible to meet.

Before she says "I do!", let's have a drink or two on our yachts

Gather all the girls and let's have a toast together in your honor. Do you want to make things more interesting for your single girlfriends? We can bring shirtless men to serve them drinks and delight their eyes. See? You don't have to worry about anything anymore. At San Diego Bay Cruises we have everything you need, from a variety of yachts, to food and drinks, good music, to well-trained staff who are ready to give you the best last day as a miss.

Are you ready to drink your last margarita as a senorita?

We want to see how you and your girls live life to the fullest. Let the sun shine on you and the wind dance with you on our yachts. Make noise so the boys can hear you and be jealous because you are having such a great time. Enjoy the view and take selfies to be able to show your grandchildren someday that grandma was cool. Also, do not forget to hydrate. You need to have nice skin on your special day.