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How It Works

San Diego Bay Cruises Private Yacht Charter Network

Who We Are:

San Diego Bay Cruises is a managed network of private yacht owners and Captains that receive customer inquiries and charter requests through this site.  Each yacht is owned and operated independently and will also have their own rates and terms and conditions that you must agree to when booking a private yacht charter. San Diego Bay Cruises lists each yacht participating in the network along with their published rates, features, and tour packages.  All information on each yacht profile page is kept up to date as much as possible but the information on this site is subject to change without notice.  However, all reservations and packages are confirmed prior to finalizing your booking.

San Diego Bay Cruises does not directly book your reservations or process your transactions.  We are a referral agency that receives customer inquiries on behalf of the independent yacht owners and charter operators.  We are San Diego’s most comprehensive network of private charter yachts.  You won’t find a finer collection of private yachts to host your parties and special events anywhere in San Diego, and we’re here to help you find the best vessel for your occasion and your guests.

San Diego Bay Cruises Private Yacht Charter Network understands that your considering booking a yacht for a special occasion and wants to help you reserve your yacht as easily as possible so that you can relax and have the memorable experience you would hope for.  We have a wide selection of private yachts to choose from for a variety of occasions from weddings to deep sea fishing trips, romantic getaways, private dinner cruises, corporate events and more.

We emphasize “private” in our charter business because that’s our specialty. If you’re looking for a large touristy ferry where you’ll be crowded on board with 200 strangers in various states of sobriety, then you’re on the wrong site.  San Diego Bay Cruises Private Yacht Charter Network provides only private and semi-private* yachts owned and operated by the yacht owners and their US Coast Guard licensed Captains and professional crew.

How it Works:

  • There are three essential things you need to know before requesting a reservation for a private yacht charter.  The first is what sort of activity are you booking a yacht for?  Are you going whale watching, corporate event, an exciting RIB ride, or relaxing San Diego harbor excursion, etc.?  The second thing you’ll need to know is a definite number of people in your party.  This part is crucial as most yacht charters are regulated as to how many passengers they are allowed to carry on a charter. And lastly, the date and time you’d like to host charter your yacht.
  • Once you have the above information confirmed, peruse the San Diego Bay Cruises selection of yachts based on your choice of activity and number of passengers in your party.  There is a display of yachts at the bottom of the front page and various interior pages of this site where you can get brief information on the yacht and then click on the image for a more complete and detailed profile page of your selected yacht.
  • Look at all the boats that you believe would be capable of providing the best experience for your event and select a first choice and a second choice of yacht.
  • Click on the “Request a Charter” link from any page and complete the form on that page with your first and second choice of yacht in mind.  While you’re completing the request form, you will also be asked for your first and second choice of possible dates to schedule your charter.  We understand that some dates are set for specific reasons and may be sentimentally essential to you.  However, if your selected yachts happen to be booked on your first choice of date, it may be helpful if you have the flexibility of another date and time that your event can be hosted on.
  • Once you have completed the form, click the submit button and wait for the confirmation message.
  • Upon submitting your form data, your information will be forwarded to a San Diego Bay Cruises Referral Agent who will contact the preferred yacht owner and check for availability for your selected date and time.
  • If your selected first choice or second choice yacht is available for your event, your form data will be forwarded to the appropriate Yacht representative for booking your reservation.  You will be contacted by that yacht representative for further information about your event and to arrange your payment options.  San Diego Bay Cruises does not directly book your reservation or receive any monies from you.  Your transactions are conducted entirely with the independent yacht owners or their representatives.

San Diego Bay Cruises is here to help you book your private yacht charter.  Completing a request for charter requires no deposit or credit card information.  Deposits and finances will be handled at the time of booking confirmation with the individual yacht representatives.

Bon voyage!


Please note: Most yachts in the San Diego Bay Cruises Private Yacht Charter Network will book “private” or “semi-private” charters.  When booking your charter reservation, please specify to the yacht representative if you prefer to book the boat entirely for your own party (private), or if you don’t mind sharing the boat with other people (semi-private).


Ask us to provide transportation for your group of six or more to any of our yacht charters. If you're group is going to be spending a fun filled day out on a private yacht, they may want to enjoy some cocktails. Leave the driving to us and we'll get you to and from the marina safely!
Ask us about including a Wine Tasting event to your San Diego Harbor Tour! We will provide a professional Wine Tasting Consultant and enough wine for your you and your guests to enjoy throughout your cruise. Click Here for more info!